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Shellandit Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Shellandit Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 6 0 Shellat Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Shellat Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 10 0 Shellaby Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Shellaby Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 10 4 Watarcane Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Watarcane Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 13 0 Watise Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Watise Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 12 5 Resbog v2 (Terra/Aqua) by neoashuron Resbog v2 (Terra/Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 12 7 Sacrifalter Evoline v2 (Terra) by neoashuron Sacrifalter Evoline v2 (Terra) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 11 7 Crystalem Evoline v2 (Terra) by neoashuron Crystalem Evoline v2 (Terra) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 6 2 Anacoatl Evoline v2 (Silph) by neoashuron Anacoatl Evoline v2 (Silph) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 11 3 Watear Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Watear Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 8 0 Dewet Digital (Aqua) by neoashuron Dewet Digital (Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 7 8 An Oriental Dragon Fakemon ? by neoashuron An Oriental Dragon Fakemon ? :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 11 13 Loudannon Evoline v2 (Silph) by neoashuron Loudannon Evoline v2 (Silph) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 8 0 Nimblarcher Evoline v2 (Silph/Aqua) by neoashuron Nimblarcher Evoline v2 (Silph/Aqua) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 7 6 A Dead-ly Baby Dragon !!! by neoashuron A Dead-ly Baby Dragon !!! :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 17 4 Bealwire Evoline v2 (Electro) by neoashuron Bealwire Evoline v2 (Electro) :iconneoashuron:neoashuron 11 2

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Fakemon: Lastyke by ShyKitty20 Fakemon: Lastyke :iconshykitty20:ShyKitty20 20 0 Fakemon: Klainka by ShyKitty20 Fakemon: Klainka :iconshykitty20:ShyKitty20 16 0
110 Watchers! ART CONTEST!

To celebrate 110 watchers, I've decided to make an art contest!
The 1st place winner will get a full body drawing of one of their characters and a full body with a background.
The 2nd place winner will get a full body drawing.
And the 3rd place winner will get a waist up drawing.
In order to enter, you must be one of my watchers and draw one of these characters- 
And please, no NSFW
to enter the contest!
Thank you~
The due date will be on July 5th

Entries can be found here…

:iconazforever: (complete)
:icondragonwanabe: (complete)
:iconSkylertheskeleton: (comelete)
:iconcakeferdays:Cakeferdays 4 21
contest time ouo
i've had the idea of doing a fusion contest a while ago but i waited with holding it till i had all the models done that i had in mind :D
i will still be making one gem during the contest you can use her but then you'd have to wait till i got the full design done XD
(its a black lace onyx ) 

the contest itself is rather self explanatory but ill write it out just in case ouo
the idea is to make fusions with my gems or if you want you can take 1 or more of mine and fuse them with 1 or more of your own gems :D
you then draw art of it or if you cant draw you can make a 3d model of it
the prizes :
the first place winner will get 2000 points :D
the second place will get 1500
the third place will get 500 
if you want to hel
:iconwaltervd:Waltervd 6 36
Design my OC Contest *Ends Sunday*

Poor Danielle has a very small wardrobe compared to her fellow Digidestined. After all she's been stuck in the Digital World for such a long time all she seems to do is battle, play games and workout. Danielle just cant seem to find the time or ability to do what many of us take for granted. Go to the mall and shop for clothes. Thats where you all come in! Heres your chance to design a brand new wardrobe or outfit for Danielle. 

Heres Danielle's Official profile:

Kinda Boring ourfit eh? She needs a new look, help a gal out will ya? Awesome prizes in store for you if you do! 

- You Can Design anything original
- Cosplay Encoura
:icondannimondesigns:DannimonDesigns 1 6
(CLOSED)125$/12,500 points Draw my OCs contest!
Contest is currently: CLOSED!
Results are out!
Before I put the results I just want to say thank you to everyone who has joined this contest! Every single entry matters and means a lot, never stop trying because every single one of you did a amazing job. Please take a moment to take a look at all the wonderful entries here!:
I wish I could place each entry, but sadly I can not and I apologize. Judging was very hard, and I am thankful for the help I got judging, I was helped placing each place.
Please don't think I didn't like your entry just because you aren't listed below! There are limited spots and we tried our best to be fair. I love each one!
Also please no negative comments to me or other people about the results.
Now to the placing, lets start with fifth place.
Fifth place Nanachanfujoshi This is such a cute entry and I love how
:iconzack-xeno:Zack-Xeno 344 459
Fakemon Contest Third round start! *Closed
Before we get started i will say i will not be extending any more due dates. Unless you tell me personally you MUST get your entry in by the due date from now on. Its not fair to the other competitors to wait so long for someone to not get their entry in and wait for them to get them in. I'm sorry if that dose not seem fair and i can understand that but please understand that i have to do this.
Okay, next thing. These people are eliminated from the contest for not getting their entries in with in the extended due date. Sorry y'all.

Okay, lets get to the real thing.
The third contest has begun! If your wondering a
:iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 2 30
New Eeveelution Fakemon Contest!
As some of you may have saw yesterday, I posted how impatient I am and how quickly I wanted to start a new contest. So here it is. I'm really excited about this one!
Create a potential eeveelution for none other than Eevee!
1. Must be a type that has not been used for an eeveelution yet.
2. Must be recognizable that it evolved from Eevee.
3. Must provide a full Pokedex entry, including at least type, ability, and a description.
4. Maximum of two entries.
5. Absolutely no slandering of other entries.
Design: ( _ / 10)
Is it cute?
Does it look like it could be an evolution to Eevee?
Creativity & Originality ( _ / 10)
Is there something special in your design that just makes it different?
Is it unique?
Effort ( _ / 10)
Is the design complete?
Does it have shading, quality lineart, etc.?
1st- 800 points,
:iconthennessy:thennessy 18 118
UPDATE 3: HI EVERYONE! ONLY 12 DAYS UNTIL THE END OF THE CONTEST! GOOD LUCK! However, I had a little problem with this journal today... Every participations disappeared... So can you guys watch quickly if I didnt forget your entry, please? THANK YOU!!!
UPDATE 2: LESS THAN A MONTH TO UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY. (btw, I gave the same message to everyone who uploaded his/her entry cause I dont wanna show favoritism ^^)


Good news everyone! I’m organizing my first contest. I’d like to wake up the Fakemon Community with this little event. I hope every artist will participate and show their talent. I also hope that it will allow to discover new artists!
Create a fakemon, for my fakedex, related by ANY ways with Pokémon berries. As long as the relation with the berries is explicit, you are in the theme!
Obviously, the more creative your fak
:iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 35 293
SMiLE by escape17 SMiLE :iconescape17:escape17 1 0 Ask Omni Page 1 by TophatGeo Ask Omni Page 1 :icontophatgeo:TophatGeo 3 2
Draw My OC Contest - CLOSED
There is one journal about it but this one will be more clear
I hope :D
EDIT: Human form of kenji added

How to Enter
You have to draw my OC. There is only one for now, but I can add another later.
Everyone can join!You don't need to watch me but it will be fine ♥ ( New watchers are welcome ) If you share this journal or tag some people it will be nice
 You can submit as many entries as you want! But its not about how much pictures u draw!
Please respect each other and if you don't win don't be sad there will be other events. 
You can draw traditional, digital, pixels, icons, chibis, animations, fullbody, headshots,.. its really on you! 
Don't use bases and please no literature for this contest
REMEMBER if you enter I am allowed to keep the artwork and use it. With your permission ofc.
You can draw him as Anthro or feral, if you
:iconwolf-sisi:Wolf-SiSi 306 290
Fakemons - Budmew and Rosaroar by BIacat Fakemons - Budmew and Rosaroar :iconbiacat:BIacat 20 8 Dwa'lil and Basilick! by GinghamDragon Dwa'lil and Basilick! :iconginghamdragon:GinghamDragon 10 0 Even more fakemon by ToxicPetra Even more fakemon :icontoxicpetra:ToxicPetra 1 1 30 Day Pokemon Challenge day 20 by Gumbi-Chan 30 Day Pokemon Challenge day 20 :icongumbi-chan:Gumbi-Chan 4 1
Personas varias que tambien creo merecen ser reconocidas por sus motivadores trabajos :D

Several people who also think they deserve to be recognized for their motivating works :D



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:bulletblack: Simplemente una persona muy creativa que se apasiona y ama lo que hace.

:bulletblack: Este es el universo en el que estoy trabajando…
:bulletblack: Participa en mi concurso…

"Todos somos ignorantes.Pero no todos ignoramos las mismas cosas"
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:bulletblack: Simply a very creative person who is passionate and loves what he does.

:bulletblack: This is the universe in which I am working…
:bulletblack: Join my contest…

"We are all ignorant, but we do not all ignore the same things"



Wow, i get a creativity boost on this last weeks for my Own TCG !!!

Soon, more things :p
Guys sorry for be so inactive, but i have many things to do ... anyway i gonna try to upoload the other contents like the maps of the war, more Ideas Digitalized and new ones and more of the Backstory :p
Shellandit Digital (Aqua)
Huggle! English - Spanish
Blush I need sugest for the atacks and bios Bucktooth
Blush Sorry for the delay again Sweating a little... 
Blush Next stage: Soon
Blush Previous stage:…
Blush Previous digital version:…
Blush All about "The Primal War":…

Yawn Shellandit: (Shell+Bandit)

B-) (Cool) Bio: 
Always using a knife and being skillfully used, Shellandit polishes his skills with this daily with other of his congeneres, which are organized in bands if they are of the same stage or hordes if they follow a Shellief.

It is worth mentioning that they are almost never alone unless they have been exiled or try to form a group of their own.

:( (Sad) Stage:Specialist  :( (Sad) Affinity:Aqua   :( (Sad) Possible equipments:Knifes, belts, boots, basic armors and decorative 

OMG Skills per level:

Bullet; Red Slash (level 16, knife equipped)
Bullet; Red Smoke bomb (level 16, item equipped)
Bullet; Black Anticipation (level 16)
Bullet; Black Theft (level 16)
Bullet; Black Double cut (level 16)
Bullet; Black Slimy thread (level 20)
Bullet; Red Double stab (level 25, knife equipped)
Bullet; Red Toxic bomb (level 25, item equipped)
Bullet; Black Marine coating (level 30)
Bullet; Red Pressure dart (level 35, knife equipped)
Bullet; Red Paralysis bomb (level 35, item equipped)
Bullet; Black Harpoon Torpedo (level 40)
Bullet; Red Narvali stab (level 45, item equipped)
Bullet; Red Sleep bomb (level 45, knife equipped)

Bucktooth Potential evolutions:

Bullet; Black Shellief (level 50, Skill:Knife 5, Be the leader of your band or defeat one)

Grump If you have any suggestions do not forget to write it in the comments !!!
Grump Help me to buy a tablet:…
Ashamed I thank with all my heart to the people who follow me and motivate me to continue doing these works of mine, as I said at first, I very much enjoy doing it Headbang!

ヽ(ヅ)ノ Dont worry ... Be happy !!!!! Woohooooo!  
Blush Necesito sugerencias para los ataques y las bios :B
Blush Perdon por la demora nuevamente Sweating a little... 
Blush Siguiente etapa: Proximamente
Blush Etapa anterior:…
Blush Version digital anterior:…
Blush Todo acerca de "La Guerra Primigenia":…

Yawn Shellandit: (Shell+Bandit)

B-) (Cool) Bio: 
Haciendo uso siempre de una navaja y siendo utilizada habilidosamente, Shellandit pule sus habilidades con esta a diario junto a otros de sus congeneres, los cuales estan organizados en bandas si es que son de la misma etapa u hordas si es que siguen a un Shellief.

Cabe mencionar que casi nunca estan solos a no ser que hayan sido exiliados o traten de formar un grupo propio.

:( (Sad) Etapa:Especialista   :( (Sad) Afinidad:Aqua 
:( (Sad) Equipamietos posibles:Navajas, cinturones, armaduras basicas, botas y decorativos                                                                                                                                             
OMG Destrezas por nivel:

Bullet; Red Navajaso (level 16, navaja equipada)
Bullet; Red Bomba humo (level 16, objeto equipado)
Bullet; Black Anticipo (level 16)
Bullet; Black Hurto (level 16)
Bullet; Black Corte doble (level 16)
Bullet; Black Hilillo baboso (level 20)
Bullet; Red Doble Puñalada (level 25, navaja equipada)
Bullet; Red Bomba toxica (level 25, objeto equipado)
Bullet; Black Revestimiento marino (level 30)
Bullet; Red Dardo presion (level 35, navaja equipada)
Bullet; Red Bomba paralisis (level 35, objeto equipado)
Bullet; Black Arpon Torpedo (level 40)
Bullet; Red Puñalada Narvali (level 45)
Bullet; Red Bomba Risueña (level 45)

Bucktooth Potenciales evoluciones:

Bullet; Black Shellief (lv 50, Destreza:Navaja 5, Ser lider de tu banda o derrotar a uno)

Grump Si tienes alguna sugerencia no olvides escribirlo en los comentarios !!! 
Grump Ayudame a comprarme una tablet:…
Ashamed  Agradezco de corazon a todas las personas que me siguen y me motivan a continuar haciendo estos trabajos mios que como en un principio dije, disfruto mucho de hacerlo Headbang!

ヽ(ヅ)ノ Dont worry ... Be happy !!!!! Woohooooo!  
Sorry for the delay I was very busy with my university tasks, but whatever ... HERE ARE THE RESULTS !!! Giggle 

1st place: DrexlerAdam Clap 

  Contest Entry: Idea Design by DrexlerAdam
You Win: Wink/Razz 
 Bullet; Black 50 Points 
 Bullet; Black A Free Digital Commission of ANYTHING Rage 

2nd place: DiamondoAddict Nod 

Contest Entry .:Ladybug Idea:. by DiamondoAddict
You Win: Wink/Razz 
 Bullet; Black 30 Points 
 Bullet; Black A Free Traditional Commission of ANYTHING Rage 

3rd place: hazard100 Meow :3 

Mercuridevil Evoline (Igniss + Silph) by hazard100
You Win: Wink/Razz 
 Bullet; Black 20 Points
 Bullet; Black A Free Traditional Commission of ANYTHING Rage 

Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! FOR BEING PATIENTS WITH MY TARDINESS, ALL THE OTHER PARTICIPANTS WILL RECIEVE 10 POINTS Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! 


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